Technologies of graphic volumetric modeling and visualization are used in industrial and architectural design, not to mention design.

A ready drawing or a preliminary sketch does not always give a complete idea of the object, it does not allow to clearly visualize the convenience of joining parts or assemblies.

3D modeling allows to solve this problem, and to present the object in a new perspective. A variety of options for using 3D modeling allow you to easily and subtly present important aspects of the object (show it in various variations, color solutions, focus on design features), and demonstrate the execution of various sections and sections of the object.

The versatility of 3D modeling makes it possible to create practically any 3D models of machine-building units, machine parts, structures, design interior and exterior of premises, apartments, offices, etc.

Simulation allows you to view the type of the projected object from any height, angle and location. Visualization of the 3D model allows you to use the resulting image or video in a more accessible, informative and visual presentation.

As an input, the object itself, its sketch, a drawing, a clipping from a book or magazine, a photograph, a three-dimensional model, or a detailed description can act.

The final result for 3D 3D modeling can be a drawing, an image, a multimedia clip or a presentation brochure, both in electronic and in printed form. Universality, versatility, as well as the fact that it is possible to present an object practically anywhere in the world with minimal costs, makes 3D 3D modeling and visualization of the object a promising and often economically justified, profitable solution.

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