One of the main activities of the studio is a set of services for 3D modeling.

Creation of prototype models, for subsequent single or serial production. 3D modeling to order, is carried out taking into account the requirements of the customer, as well as the technical capabilities of the equipment on which the model will be directly manufactured. The initial data for modeling can be not only the dimensions, but also the desired volume of the model.

Models can be made as whole or hollow, with the installation of the required wall thickness, as well as technological holes.

Order the development of 3D models for further production on the appropriate equipment, CNC machines (milling 3 and more coordinate) and 3D printers. 3D Modeling covers virtually all branches of production.

The main directions for creating 3D models:

The created 3D models are tested for all possible errors in the structure of the model, this procedure eliminates the problems in the process of making samples by models, saving time and money.

The customer receives basic information about the size of the model, volume, area, as well as the coordinates of the center of mass, the area of the shadow area, etc. This information allows you to make all the necessary calculations for the volume of the required material, analyze the cost of manufacturing the parts, etc.

Examples of creating 3D models

Examples of creating 3D models




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