Electric power supply is a set of measures for providing consumers with electricity and maintaining comfortable living conditions. The priority stage of the implementation of electricity supply is a project, on the quality of which both the material component and the long, reliable, rational operation of the facility depend.

An experienced and responsible designer, taking into account modern realities, is a valuable employee. The accumulated personal experience includes both the installation and operation of electrical equipment, at the initial stage of the work activity, and the development of design estimates in the future. Successful experience in the design and coordination of facilities from 0.4 kV, transformer substations (TP, ZTP) in the volume of primary equipment to 220 kV as reconstructed and new substations. Partial reconstruction, in the volume of elements of power equipment of the SS up to 750 kV. All the accumulated experience was acquired with the official employment, in the power supply organization (installation, operation, operational management of 35-150 kV substations) profile design and research institute (design).

The main direction of cooperation, the provision of engineering resources for the development of projects (nodes of projects) electricity supply in the amount of:

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